Changes Required after Implosion in The Bronx

With a 14-6 record and a 9-1 lead heading into the bottom of the sixth against New York on Friday night, the mood within the Orioles fan base was understandably jovial as the O’s surged towards their division-leading 15th win of the young season.

Offensive Woes Could Derail Orioles’ Bright Start

At 13-6, there’s certainly no need to worry about how the Orioles are travelling in the early stages of the 2017 season, however, the way in which they are winning does have a few fans slightly nervous.

Plucky Orioles surge to MLB best 12-4 in unlikely fashion

Every year, MLB’s so-called experts discount Buck Showalter’s team, predicting them to finish near the bottom of the AL East standings with a win total less than 80 (sometimes, even less than 70). However every year, for the last six anyway, the Orioles have proven their doubters wrong.

Mancini Continues to Impress Beyond Expectations

Playing on a team full of undeniable young talent in the likes of Manny Machado (24), Jonathan Schoop (25), Kevin Gausman (26), and Dylan Bundy (24), it’s pretty hard for any young player to enter the scene and create an immediate sense of hype amongst the fan base.

Trumbo Herorics Lead Orioles to Magical Opening Day Win

Powered by a Mark Trumbo home run in the 11th inning, the Orioles continued their run of Opening Day success, accounting for the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2. The win sees the Opening Day streak progress to seven, and makes it 14 of the last 17 – pretty impressive.

Orioles poised to challenge again in 2017

With a solid Spring Training campaign behind them and few injury concerns, the Orioles head into Opening Day and the 2017 season full of confidence and holding lofty expectations.

Orioles contributing to entertaining WBC

High scoring, nail-biting, and absurdly unpredictable – the 2017 World Baseball Classic has been full of entertainment since the first pitch was thrown on March 6.

Exploring the Orioles Roster as February Arrives

A lot has changed in the world since the Orioles’ 2016 season cruelly ended at the hands of the Blue Jays last October – most notably, seeing a new POTUS elected which has filled our Twitter feeds day, after day, after day. Thankfully though, baseball is nearing a return, so we can all look forward to…

Learnings Must Come From Ventura’s Death

Like many baseball fans around the globe this morning, I found myself reading about the premature death of another young star of the game. Shortly after, once the initial shock had subsided, I asked myself how many more times must this occur before significant and meaningful action is taken? In October 2014, it was Cardinals’…

For Aces, Bad Preparation Means Bad Results

Hard work pays off. We see it in every facet of life. The more effort you put in, the greater the reward. The 2016-17 Melbourne Aces have been an example of this all season, working hard, overcoming history, and achieving some great success while building a 20-6 record. After yet another hard-fought win Friday night,…