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McGuire ‘Saga’ A Sad Reflection Of Today’s Media

As Melbournians browse through newspapers, websites, and television news programs this week, you can’t help but wonder what’s going through their minds.

In just 11 days time, the country will hold a federal election – one which, arguably, is as important as any other in recent memory. Make no mistake, the political turmoil seen in this country since late-June 2010 is a stain on our nation’s history. Five Prime Ministers in six years, of which just two were voted in by the people, has seen voters lose much confidence in each of the two major political parties. The country is crying out for stability and a leader they can be proud of. However, that’s not the main talking point around the water cooler.

The country is struggling through freak weather conditions in the eastern states, housing affordability across the nation is as bad as it’s ever been before, and overseas, there’s been mass shootings in America, extreme soccer hooliganism in Europe, and the continued bloodied war in the Middle East. However, these too aren’t the main talking points around the water cooler.

No, this week Melbourne has once again turned its collective attention to football, and sure enough, it’s another off-field incident stealing the headlines.

For those living under a rock, the incident in question is a series of comments made by Eddie McGuire, James Brayshaw and Danny Frawley eight days ago, in relation to football journalist Caroline Wilson’s involvement in next year’s ice water slide, as part of the now annual MND Big Freeze event at the MCG. The comments, which suggested $50,000 would be donated should Wilson stay under water, have sparked a media frenzy in the last 48 hours and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

Over the past two days, it seems like almost every sports reporter, news anchor, social commentator, politician, psychologist, extreme feminist (but not all feminists) and community do-gooder has weighed into the debate, providing their oft biased opinions which are full of hidden agendas. These people – many of which are acting like genuine idiots – have seen an opportunity to get their name published and jumped at it.

There’s been links made to Australia’s domestic violence epidemic, claims of sexism and links to violence against women, and calls for McGuire to resign from his position as Collingwood Football Club President and/or his various roles within the media. Quite frankly, all of this is just an absurd over-reaction.

There’s no doubt that the comments made by McGuire, Brayshaw and Frawley, were careless in nature and requiring of a formal apology to Wilson. Nobody should hear themselves spoken about in that context and Wilson has a right to be offended. However, there was certainly no intent (to harm) or malice involved and anyone who has listened to the audio and claims otherwise is kidding themselves. In my opinion, there is no doubt that McGuire was referring to Wilson the journalist, not Wilson the woman. Don’t forget all the times she’s tried to target others…

Just like Wilson, McGuire divides opinion. Whether you love him or hate him though, one must respect the amazing work he has done for football, charity, and the city of Melbourne. He’s a wise man and a very good operator. While his comments were inappropriate, let’s not crucify him for a careless slip of the tongue which has been taken out of context. The extreme feminists attempting to link this to violence against women or gender equality are, quite simply, doing far more harm than good. Their comments are inflammatory, ill-informed and are not the right way to address a serious issue within the community. Stop making this something it’s not.

If you want to highlight the issue? By all means, do so. It needs attention. However do so using the alarming crime statistics, not some comments from a well known media identity which have been taken out of context.

The AFL has come out strong in defence of Wilson and publicly criticised McGuire for the remarks. In the eyes of some, this strong stance has seemed somewhat uncalled for, however given the timing, and its focus on growing female participation, I think it’s completely understandable. The AFL had no choice, as above all else, it has to protect its brand. It’s very vocal in its wish for stronger female engagement in the game and seeing the comments made against football’s most prominent female journalist just couldn’t be tolerated. 

While McGuire’s comments were certainly inappropriate, and some may question the motive behind Wilson only speaking publicly about the issue some six days after it occurred, the biggest debacle of all this has been Melbourne’s irresponsible, attention-seeking media outlets, which yet again have managed to turn something that could have been resolved very quickly, into a long, drawn-out, pointless debate.

Watch the video below…

47 thoughts on “McGuire ‘Saga’ A Sad Reflection Of Today’s Media

  1. “Fuck it” is a productive attitude…
    “The media is making a big deal out of this.” Good.

  2. Sports media has always been a boys club. Women want equality in the industry as long as they’re exempt from criticism or derogatory comments that the men cop

    1. It’s derogatory comments that keep them out of sports media and ensure it continues to be a boy’s club

    1. It contributes to an attitude where domestic violence, esp violence against women, is easily dismissed.

    2. So people just get to link things together however they want. Clearly the violence against women fits but domestic violence just doesn’t. It’s frustrating, in my opinion if it was Carro saying it about Eddie it would just be violence if that but definitely not linked to domestic violence. People have a sexist attitude towards domestic violence when plenty of Men are victims of it also.

    3. If it was Caro saying it about Eddie, then no one would be talking about it at all and it would be a non issue Brendan Herman. And that, apparently is equality

    4. Absolutely it would. Apparently domestic violence and sexism is a one way street

    5. And most women I speak to about it agree and hate how one sided it is.

    6. So all that aside, you’ve still got, as I understand it, a “joke” where Eddie stands around saying “How funny would it be if I drowned that person I don’t like, for money!” all while rallying those around him to join in. It’s a bit sick.

    7. that’s something people can definitely joke around with. In saying that you would only do that with people you have that sort of relationship with. Was just trying to emphasise that if Caro said it people would accept it as a joke.

    8. If that’s the way you want to look at it, fine. I don’t even like football. Full of bloody dickheads

  3. sounds like things in Australia aren’t much different than in the US…. We live in troubling times no doubt.

  4. Who gives a fuck man, the day was supposed to be about raising money for a horrible illness, the Aussie media just have to shit all over everything

  5. Well said Dan, the comments by those three guys, the content and manner in which it was said clearly do not promote violence against women. Anyone who thinks otherwise should go work the div van in any town on a Friday or Saturday night to truly understand what domestic violence is. This is the PC crowd gone mad.

  6. As a female I’m embarrassed what a load of shit! I’ve dealt with Domestic violence this was purely shitcanning another journalist who did nothing but victimize Essendon and I know many people who would like see her go under. It’s a joke people lighten up!!

    1. Exactly. Gender is irrelevant, it was a journalist attacking another journalist. Nothing more. Happens all the time

  7. Caroline is a sook just like Goodes boo hoo she bags worse than other journos she looks like a big sook and sick of people blaming Eddie he’s done more than she has and lm not a Collingwood supporter

  8. Dan you have articulated my exact thoughts in a way I am unable to do. I couldn’t agree with your article more

  9. Also think gender is irrelevant – I’m more disappointed and annoyed that this issue has taken away from the heart of the fundraiser and how it’s made a mockery out of it

  10. Steven honestly. You want to talk about fairness and being just. How about you stop posting photos of animals being dressed up against their will. Did they ask for that? Do you realise animal cruelty is just not acceptable? How dare you…… See how easy it is to pick up a topic and turn it into something it isn’t???

  11. I reckon all the talk, abuse and threats directed towards Eddie McGuire would be considered the most vile and disgusting case of sexism if he were female.
    It’s not Caro’s sex all that banter was about. It was about the person. She is s hypocritical pig of a person.
    That is all.

  12. Thank you Liam and Steve for giving me a nice little read before bed! May you continue, so I have something to read whilst I eat my cereal in the morning! Also thanks Dan for giving these lads a place to have this debate!!

  13. Nice read Dan. I don’t understand why Holden are questioning their sponsorship of Collingwood as a rest but if so I can put them in touch with a club President happy to talk shop. #callfunk

  14. Sounds like the same kind of bs we have in the US every time some prominent person spouts off and creates a media frenzy.

  15. yep excellent article. This is Adam Goodes II. Nobody booed Goodes about the colour of skin, it was the poor way he went about football in the latter years. This has nothing to do with domestic violence but a joke about a journalist that smashes the pies whenever she can. Nothing female based in joke at all. Great article Dan.

  16. I think everyone is missing the point. How can Caro be upset about the comment when Eddie makes it but not when Shaw says the same thing. I think she is Eddieest. She says Shaw said it in jest to her face. I heard Eddie pissing himself laughing while he said it. And if it is just that it was because she was not in the room whilst it was said, does that mean that she will be inviting all of the people mentioned in Caro’s Arrow into the studio prior to the segment?
    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

  17. Good read Dan. You have a gift.
    But I will say that you got a tiny bit wrong in saying to the lesser extent.
    Eddie wasn’t the worse out of them. Danny was clearly worse saying he would hold her under.
    But the media only cares about Eddie. it’s all about Eddie.

    In saying that on a personal level I don’t even think it needed an apology or was in anyway poor or offensive. None of them would have cared if anyone said the same things about them because they know it’s a joke.

    This country is becoming an absolute joke. For everyone to fight there own hidden pointless agendas.

    And for her or anyone to say that the convo she was involved in on 3aw was different is fooling them selves.
    Anyway I’m ps and that’s my take.

  18. Well said Dan. Although, it is probably “politically incorrect” for you to have an opinion. Talk about demeaning the whole Violence against women and domestic violence issues!! People dislike Caro because of what she says. NOT because she is a female, I hate Barrett, Fat Head Hutchy, Caro because of what and who they report on. If Eddie had have said the same thing about Robbo, Barrett or any male Journo, there would be no story! Then, to be selective about who can say “inappropriate” things to you?? What makes me laugh most , is the amount of female journo’s, that I have never heard of, jumping on the “Misogynist bandwagon” Come on people. Get a grip!!

  19. Caro is a hypocrotical sensationalist no better than that horrid feminist beast Greer. She is quick to tell fibs and report shit there is nothing positive she contributes just a cockroach. Im not a fan of Eddies either but he does a lot for the community and footy someone muzzle that cow amd make her go away shes a bad role model for woman i certainly don’t look up to her

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