The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors meet again in the preseason after the Warriors easily accounted for the Lakers last week. You can read about that game here –

Klay Thompson and Steph Curry did the damage against the Lakers defense and we’ll get to see what the Lakers have learnt from that last game.
Jeremy Lin, who started the last game against the Warriors, was out of this game and Steve Nash returns to the team and the starting lineup. Andre Iguodala broke his nose in the last game but was available to play for the Warriors.

The starters for the Lakers were: Carlos Boozer, Jordan Hill, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Wesley Johnson
The starters for the Warriors were: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, David Lee, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes got scoring underway, blowing by his defender along the baseline for an easy layup.
Curry hits the first three of many to come less than a minute into the game, 10secs later he sprinted down the court for a quick pull up and hits the three again. He then steps it up another notch by hitting ANOTHER three in another 10secs and gets fouled by Nash in the act of shooting for a four point play! Curry with 10pts in the first 1:45.
After a 14-2 run by the Warriors, Carlos Boozer finally got the Lakers next points, 16-4 lead to the Warriors.
Klay Thompson followed in Steph Curry’s footsteps by getting a four point play of his own, Wesley Johnson the culprit from the Lakers this time.
At the end of the first quarter the Warriors had a huge 26pt lead over the Lakers. The score sat at 39-13 with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry combining for 22 of the 39pts for the Warriors.

Robert Sacre got the first points of the second quarter on the back of an offensive rebound.
Brandon Rush continued the three point barrage by the Warriors by sinking one of his own early in the second.
12 year NBA veteran, Leandro Barbosa also said don’t forget about me as he sunk another three by the Warriors. They had hit 8/11 from three point land up to this point of the game.
Ronnie Price decided that the best way to defend the Warriors was to throw his shoe at them, he lost his shoe as Iguodala accidently stood on it and he then threw it at the ball as Iguodala was dribbling it up the court.
With 6:03 remaining in the half, the Lakers call a timeout as the Warriors lead extended to 32pts…before half time!
All of the Warriors starters returned to the court after the timeout, which could only mean more bad news for the Lakers.
Jeremy Tyler hit a jump shot right on the buzzer for the Lakers to bring the margin back to 27pts. Warriors led at half time 63-36. Curry has been unbelievable up to the main break; 18pts, 5rbds, 5asts, 1stl and 1blk.

Andrew Bogut got the first point of the second half by making one of two from the free throw line. Steph Curry followed that up with a layup and the lead was back out to 30pts.
About 3mins into the half Kobe Bryant hit only his second field goal of the game, showing just how poor of a shooting night he and the Lakers were having.
Curry continued his good shooting, hitting yet another three and then making his way to the free throw line.
Carlos Boozer made a couple of shots for the Lakers and Kobe hit his third shot, causing everyone to think he had turned the corner in this game. He, unfortunately, missed his next effort.
With 1sec on the clock Marreese Speights made a three point shot, that’s right Marreese Speights to push the Warriors lead to 40pts at three quarter time.
The score was 100-60 to the Warriors, Curry had 25pts for the Warriors and Boozer 10pts to lead the Lakers.

Ronnie Price drew a foul on Leandro Barbosa and hit three free throws to begin the scoring in the final quarter.
We then had almost 3mins of nothing before Robert Sacre hit another shot for the Lakers and got the second score of the quarter.
With an official timeout taken with 8:37 remaining in the game, it didn’t help either team find the bottom of the net as both teams continued to miss shots.
Sacre was again the one to break the no-scoring deadlock, hitting a couple of free throws with 6:41 on the clock. In the first 5:19 of the final quarter there were 7pts scored, total.
Brandon Rush got the first point (making one of two from the free throw line) of the final quarter for the Warriors with 6:28 left.
All in all, it was a disappointing and boring finish to an otherwise entertaining game, from a Warriors viewpoint. If you are a Lakers fan you probably didn’t see most it.

The final score ended up at 116-75, a 41pt win by the Warriors.
It was set up by some amazingly hot shooting by Stephen Curry in the first three odd minutes of the game and the Warriors just continued on from there. Curry finished with 25pts, 6asts, 6rbds, 2stls, 1blk and hit 8/11 shots from the field in 24mins.
The Lakers didn’t have too much joy, Sacre and Ellington both finished with 12pts to lead them. Kobe and Nash combined to be 3/18 from the field, Kobe played 24mins and Nash only 12mins.
Possibly the strangest statistic for this game though was the amount of three point shots the Lakers attempts, three. That’s right, in today’s day and age where the three point shot is king, the Lakers only attempted three and didn’t make one of them.