Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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This time last year…

It is hard to believe a year has gone by since one of the greatest rugby league games of all time was played.

2010, first round of semi finals, the Sydney Roosters up against the Wests Tigers. A game that had 99 minutes of passion and intensity, skill and costly errors. A rugby league fans dream game. A game that had people’s stomach’s in their mouths and hand’s on heads. Where incomprehensible language was blurted towards the television screen along with hastily throwing pillows or anything else in reach.

If you are a Rooster’s fan, Braith Anasta’s field goal was almost too perfect. Something that happens at the climax of a teen movie. Two seconds remaining in regular time and your captain comes up with a game changing kick.

For the Tiger’s fans, Simon Dwyer’s big, no, big is not a strong enough description, mammoth hit on Waerea-Hargreaves was felt even in the lounge rooms of everybody watching at home. Not only was it watched by Australians, it went global. On a Christmas trip to the States last year, I was watching some television and was extremely proud to see the hit making number 35 on a countdown in Canada, ‘The 50 greatest sporting moment’s of 2010’. Wow.

It was a crucial hit, at a crucial part of the game by an outstanding footballer who will unfortunately only be watching the Wests Tigers Friday night’s sudden death clash against the New Zealand Warriors. Simon was injured in the Round 16 clash against the Bulldogs suffering nerve damage which doctors tell him may be career ending.

However, Simon is not giving up and looking for alternative options and treatment. On behalf of every rugby league fan in the country and worldwide, we thank Simon for the skill and entertainment he has showed us and added to the game. I hope more than anything that, in due time, he has a successful recovery and can return playing rugby league for the Wests Tigers.

Week Two of semi finals kicks off on Friday night at the SFS where the Wests Tigers will take on the Warriors and continues on Saturday when the Brisbane Broncos look to end the run of the defending premiers, the Dragons.

Both the Storm and the Sea Eagles have a week off as they have secured their spots in the semi finals.


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