What If?

That’s the question that many Orioles fans have begun to have running across their minds now.

With nine games remaining on the season, the Orioles sit at 76-77 after a tough opener in Boston. With three series against the toughest AL East opponents, the Orioles have all of the odds stacked against them. Currently, with the Indians, Angels, Twins and Astros between them and a postseason berth, three and a half games seems far distance, but ever so close the same.

A week and a half ago we were finished, lost to oblivion, with a lack in passionate play, vulgar numbers from the struggling rotation and no indication that our future was secure. Orioles fans everywhere called off the season, made their thoughts of hopeless known and began to drown in their pity.

But the winning started to happen again, and many said, “Doesn’t matter,” “Who Cares?” I personally held back, knowing that hope was a dangerous thing.

Now, with the toughest opponents ahead, we have nothing to do but to win. TBL Daily’s own Dan Clark yesterday assured us that a 9-1 record could get them into the playoffs; an 85-win season. One thing is for sure we need a lot of luck. Good thing ‘luck’ is usually on our side.

We are hurt, (Jones, Britton, Parra, Gonzalez all dealing with different issues), we are the underdogs, (Toronto and New York have some of the best stats against us this season), but we are rolling (winners of 7 games in our last 10 prior to last night’s debacle). There’s no time to look back and debate, only time to get to the ballpark and root on our Orioles.

Raise a Boh to a 9-0 finish, that the Angels, Astros and Twins lose and that the spirit of 2011 lives on.

Let’s Go O’s!