Wreck’em Beckham Blasts into Baltimore

Brian Matusz and Ubaldo Jimenez aside, not many people within the Orioles organization in recent years have received as much criticism as Dan Duquette has – rightly or wrongly.

All rise for the Judge

Regardless of the New York Yankees fortunes throughout the remainder of the 2017 MLB season, there’s no debating that the season is quickly becoming the season of 25-year-old Aaron Judge.

Castillo filling Wieters void… and more

When Matt Wieters hit free agency at the end of the 2016 season, many within Baltimore had hoped that the four time All-Star would ink a new deal with the Orioles – seeing him return to duties behind the dish at Camden Yards in 2017 and beyond.

Rebounding Joseph Seizing Opportunity

After a 2016 season which can only be described as disastrous, Caleb Joseph has silenced his critics throughout the Orioles’ first six weeks of the season, culminating with one of the hottest stretches of his career these past few weeks.

Offensive Woes Could Derail Orioles’ Bright Start

At 13-6, there’s certainly no need to worry about how the Orioles are travelling in the early stages of the 2017 season, however, the way in which they are winning does have a few fans slightly nervous.

Plucky Orioles surge to MLB best 12-4 in unlikely fashion

Every year, MLB’s so-called experts discount Buck Showalter’s team, predicting them to finish near the bottom of the AL East standings with a win total less than 80 (sometimes, even less than 70). However every year, for the last six anyway, the Orioles have proven their doubters wrong.

Mancini Continues to Impress Beyond Expectations

Playing on a team full of undeniable young talent in the likes of Manny Machado (24), Jonathan Schoop (25), Kevin Gausman (26), and Dylan Bundy (24), it’s pretty hard for any young player to enter the scene and create an immediate sense of hype amongst the fan base.

Trumbo Herorics Lead Orioles to Magical Opening Day Win

Powered by a Mark Trumbo home run in the 11th inning, the Orioles continued their run of Opening Day success, accounting for the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2. The win sees the Opening Day streak progress to seven, and makes it 14 of the last 17 – pretty impressive.

Wild ABL Debut for Jeremy Guthrie

Six runs, a pair of plunked batters, and a bench-clearer all within four https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-en-pharmacie/ innings will ensure Jeremy Guthrie doesn’t forget his Australian Baseball League (ABL) debut any time soon.

Halfway Through, Aces Eyeing Postseason Return

The 2016-17 ABL season has reached its halfway point and as many predicted prior to opening weekend last month, it’s the new and improved Melbourne Aces sitting atop the standings.