I’ve read a few posts circulating social media in the last 48 hours, in relation to why the media focuses on Jarryd Roughead’s cancer battle.

I’ve seen people post ridiculous things like, “Many people get cancer, why does a footballer receive more sympathy and attention?

Well, here’s the very simple reason…

When it strikes a person so young, who is respected and idolised by so many, and in the national spotlight on a weekly basis, society takes note.

Nobody is suggesting Roughead is treated any different than your everyday person, the added media attention simply helps raise awareness of the putrid disease in hope everyone else becomes more vigilant in screening, looking for warning signs etc.

We all know cancer is best treated if found early – especially melanoma. The more awareness raised, the better. Regardless of who, how, or why it’s on our television screens.

There’s some pretty naive people out there and they continually use social media platforms to embarrass themselves and put forward their warped views of the world.

Let’s hope; (a) Roughie beats this latest scare and (b) people learn/act from his unfortunate experience.

Get well soon champ!

Image: Scoopnest