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Octavio Dotel Signs for Record 13th Team

When Octavio Dotel signed with the Tigers just recently, he created history by achieving something which no other player has ever done – Playing for 13 different teams in the major leagues.

Even more amazing was the fact that he has done that in just 13 years.

Searching back through the record books highlights how three other men have played for 12 seperate teams in the past, these being;

Mike Morgan
Ron Villone
Matt Stairs

However as Dotel proudly says, "They're all done!"

Dotel however just keeps on going, keeps on pitching and keeps on traveling. Right into the record books.

When asked recently if the passion remains an what his thoughts are for the upcoming season, Dotel responded;

"I can't wait for the season to start so I can have the record… I hope I make the team."

One thing which is certain, is that barring injury or a freak chain of events, Dotel is all but certain to be in the Tigers line-up on Opening Day.


Image courtesy of EPSN

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