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MLB 2011 World Series Preview

Texas Rangers v St Louis Cardinals

What a rollercoaster of a season it has been, and like always, it comes down to this. A best of seven games, World Series. This year, it’s the Rangers and the Cardinals. Few would’ve predicted this a month ago. In fact, I doubt many would’ve predicted the Cardinals would even make it to the playoffs.

St Louis were 8.5 games off a playoff berth at the start of September! Fortunately for them, the Atlanta Braves dropped right off the pace, which allowed St Louis to clinch a wild card on the final day of the regular season. At the start of the playoffs, I noticed the form of the Cardinals, and thought that the Phillies might be challenged in the first round. But who would have thought, the Phillies would lose the series, after the dominant season they had!

St Louis have just kept on rolling, continuing their amazing form, all the way to their first World Series since 2006, and aiming for their 11th World Series win. Only 4 teams have previously won the World Series from a wild card position. The last being the Boston Red Sox in 2004. The recent form of the relief pitchers has been a major factor in the Cardinals success. In the NLCS series against the Brewers, the Cardinals relief pitchers got more outs than the starting pitchers! I can’t remember that happening in recent history. In fact, the last time that happened in a seven game series was in 1979! If the Cardinals can go on to win it, it will certainly be a remarkable achievement. The key players for the Cardinals are Albert Pujols and David Freese. The scoreboard is sure to keep ticking over with these two at the plate!

Texas have had an awesome season. The form of Nelson Cruz has been phenomenal. And to keep on winning with the injuries they’ve had has been truly spectacular.
Then on the pitching side, the bullpen are only averaging just over 2 runs scored against per game! If they can keep that up, it will be hard for them to be beaten. One reason for these outstanding results is because the bullpen has been rotated well. All the pitchers are fresh for when they are required. The starting pitchers from both teams will be a major factor in how the series pans out. Both teams relief pitchers have been in remarkable form, so can they keep it up? Which team will crack under the immense pressure of the World Series? The key players for the Rangers are Josh Hamilton andNelson Cruz. These two could be the difference between a win and a loss. They have the ability to go nuts on the scoreboard in a short period of time!

This could go either way. I’m tipping St Louis to be World Series Champions in seven games! And that’s only because they have the home game in game 7!

Game 1 is Thursday morning, AEDST. Coverage is on Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 2 HD from 10:30am AEDST.

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