Statistically speaking, approximately 4 in 100 males are gay.

Statistically speaking, there are 1,696 males on NFL rosters at any given time.

You do the math.

Like most people in modern-day society, I have a handful of friends who are openly gay. If I could summarise the personality traits of these friends the words which come to mind are kind, loyal, intelligent and fun. All of these friends are very good at what they do and despite having to fight through adversity at times, they will all succeed in life because of their underlying inner strength – an inner strength that most straight males could only dream of possessing.

When it came out earlier today that 24-year-old college footballer and draft hopeful Michael Sam was openly gay, the media circus and social media commentary which followed was nothing short of a disgrace. Twitter was full of debates and some of which were downright embarrassing. Some narrow-minded individuals, suffering from their own insecurity issues, felt the need to hurl abuse at Sam, whilst attention-seeking ‘journalists’ felt the need to add fuel to the fire by posing stupid questions on talkback radio such as, “Would you like Sam on your team?”

What nonsense.

I’ll be the first to highlight that social media has an endless amount of benefits – I know that most of you reading this will be American and if you didn’t already know, this article was written by an Australian who’s never been to America? That’s the power of social media right there.

However with the good comes the bad and unfortunately, ‘news’ such as this one involving Sam tend to gather far too much unnecessary attention.

As soon as ‘news’ such as this breaks, the insecure souls in society feel the need to blurt their beliefs all over their feeds, ensuring their followers are doomed to read their ancient views. Some people will reply, arguing that it’s 2014 and anyone who finds Sam’s case concerning needs to come out from the rock they’ve been living under, whilst others will retweet the hurtful words, ensuring a whole new group of followers are left to read the filth.

It’s a vicious cycle that sadly, never ends well.

So instead of debating Michael Sam’s sexuality and what it means for the NFL with some arsehole on Twitter, just ignore them and take note of the points below…

  1. Michael Sam is a very talented defensive linesman.
  2. Michael Sam had 11.5 sacks in 2013 and helped Missouri finish 12-2, winning the Cotton Bowl.
  3. Michael Sam’s own teammates voted him Missouri’s most valuable player.
  4. Michael Sam was a first-team all-American in 2013.
  5. Michael Sam was SEC’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2013.
  6. Michael Sam would be of benefit to any NFL team.
  7. Michael Sam should be drafted based on his obvious football ability.

… In the end, that’s all that matters.