The 2014 Japan Series has come to an end and for Tommy Hunter – the only Oriole in the squad – it proved to be a successful trip.

Hunter tossed 2.2 scoreless innings of relief during the series and despite allowing four hits, threw a high percentage of strikes (72% – 34 of 47 pitches) and looked solid on the mound.

Game 1 v Japan

Hunter entered the game in the bottom of the sixth, looking to keep the MLB All-stars within striking distance, trailing 2-0. He quickly retired Seiichi Uchikawa and Hayato Sakamoto on a pair of ground outs, however then allowed back-to-back hits by Nobuhiro Matsuda (to right field) and Tetsuto Yamada (to right field). With two out Motohiro Shima lined out to Robinson Cano at second base to kill the threat.

1.0 IP, 22 P (17 S), 2 H, 0 R

Game 4 v Japan

Hunter entered the game in the top of the eighth, with the MLB All-stars leading 5-1. His second outing of the series was similar to that of his first. Here he retired Ginji Akaminal (fly out to right field) before conceding a single to left field from Yuki Yanagita. Seiichi Uchikawa lined out to Yasiel Puig in right field, before Sho Nakata put two on courtesy of a solid line drive to left field. With two out, Nobuhiro Matsuda became a victim of Hunter for a second time when called out on strikes. Again, Hunter had escaped the threat to put up a zero.

1.0 IP, 18 P (13 S), 2 H, 0 R

Game 5 v Japan

Hunter entered the game with one out in the bottom of the seventh, with a runner on third (Ryosuke Kikuchi via a lead-off triple) and the MLB leading 3-0. He allowed that run to score when Sho Nakata grounded out and then finished the inning by retiring Seiichi Uchikawa for a third time in the series – this time via a ground out. He was credited with a hold.

0.2 IP, 7 P (4 S), 0 H, 0 R


Exhib. – beat Hanshin-Yomiuri, 8-7
Game 1 – lost to Japan, 2-0
Game 2 – lost to Japan, 8-4
Game 3 – lost to Japan, 4-0
Game 4 – beat Japan, 6-1
Game 5 – beat Japan, 3-1
Exhib. – lost to Team Japan, 6-4