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Postseason Week Two

Jordan Berry and the Steelers’ season came to an end after falling to the Denver Broncos, 23-16. Unfortunately for Berry, he turned in one of the most inconsistent performances of his season, punting six times for a total of 176 yards (52 yard long.), with just one reaching inside the 20 and pinning the Broncos at the 5-yard line. Most of his other punts however drew strong criticism…

Postseason Week One

Jordan Berry was the lone Australian featuring in the NFL playoffs this season and his Steelers faced the Bengals in week one, at Cincinnati. The Steelers made a great start to the game and continued to control it throughout, as their defense kept the Bengals scoreless through the first three quarters. A late comeback gave the boys from Steel City a fright, however a series of late penalties on their final drive gave Chris Boswell an opportunity to win the game with a 35-yard field goal – and he delivered. Berry was called upon to punt seven times on the night, with three of which sailing inside the 20. Most of his seven punts had fair to good hang time and his performance helped improved his reputation as one of the better young punters in the NFL.

Regular Season Summary

Jordan Berry
16 Games
Punting – 59 P, 2511 Yds, 79 Long, 28 I20

Brad Wing
16 Games
Punting – 76 P, 3380 Yds, 64 Long, 33 I20

Jarryd Hayne
8 Games
Rushing – 17 Car, 52 Yds, 11 Long
Receiving – 6 Rec, 27 Yds, 7 Long
Punt Return – 8 Ret, 76 Yds, 37 Long, 3 Fum
Defensive – 1 Tac, 1 Ast

Week Seventeen

Jordan Berry and the Steelers ventured to Cleveland for a must-win game against the Browns, if they were to keep their playoff hopes alive. In what was great news for Pittsburgh fans, yet terrible news for most others, the Steelers won, 28-12, and snuck in. Berry made three punts for a total of 156 yards. One of which landed inside the 20 and his longest on the day sailed a solid 57 yards.

Brad Wing and the Giants finished their season at home against the Philadelphia Eagles, who were fresh off the firing of head coach Chip Kelly. They were expected to win, however fell in a high-scoring game, 35-30. Wing made three punts for a total of 107 yards and each of the three reached inside the 20. His longest traveled 42 yards.

Jarryd Hayne and the 49ers took on the St Louis Rams at home in what was also their final game of the season. They came away with a thrilling OT win, 19-16, however it was a frustrating afternoon personally for Hayne who only came on once as the tackle for 49ers kickoff coverage. He did not appear in an offensive snap. Literally, he could not have played less of a role. After the poor season came to an end, head coach Jim Tomsula.

Week Sixteen

Jarryd Hayne received a promotion from the 49ers practice squad and made the trip to Detroit to take on the Lions. Due to the lack of mistakes, you could say he had a solid outing, rushing for 27 yards (nine carries) with a longest run of 11. He also had five receptions, for a gain of 20 yards. Solid, yet far from spectacular. The 49ers lost again, 32-17.

Jordan Berry and the Steelers lost to the injury-ravaged Ravens (5-10)  for the second time this season, falling 20-17 in Baltimore. Berry made three punts on the afternoon for a total of 131 yards. His longest sailed 46 yards and just one of the three reached inside the 20.

Brad Wing and the Giants suffered a big loss in Minnesota, falling to the Vikings 49-17. Wing was called into action six times, punting for 241 yards, with a longest of 48. Two of the six landed inside the 20.

Week Fifteen

Brad Wing and the Giants took on the undefeated Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium and despite a very poor start, almost created an upset to steal a win late. They lost 38-35 in the end though and Wing had a busy day – punting seven times for a total of 315 yards. His longest on the day travelled 58 yards and two of the seven reached inside the 20.

Meanwhile, Jordan Berry and the Steelers took on the Denver Broncos in the Steel City and prevailed in a close one, 34-27. Berry was called upon six times and although his average distance on the night was just 38.7 yards, four of the six backed the Broncos up inside their 20 and most of his punts had great hang time. Another impressive outing for the young Aussie

Week Fourteen

The Pittsburgh Steelers continued their playoff push with an impressive 33-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Jordan Berry was only called upon to punt twice, with his efforts producing 45 and 53 yards respectively; one of which sailed inside the 20. On the season, he’s now made 47 punts for an average of 42.4 yards. Of this, 46.8% (22) have reached inside the 20.

The New York Giants and Brad Wing faced the Miami Dolphins on Monday night and came away with a hard-fought 31-24 win, to improve their record to 6-7 on the season. Wing was called on to punt on four occasions, averaging 45 yards with his longest of the night sailing 54 yards. None of the four reached inside the 20. On the season, he’s now made 60 punts for an average of 45.3 yards. Of this, 43.3% (26) have reached inside the 20.

Week Thirteen

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants somehow manged to lose a thriller to the New York Jets, 23-20, despite taking a seemingly comfortable 10 point lead into the last quarter. Wing made five punts on the afternoon, four of which sailing inside the 20. Combined, he logged a total of 212 yards with his longest on the day being 49.

Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers had a big 45-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts, ensuring a quiet night for the Aussie. He was called into action just once, producing a disappointing 37-yard punt which gave the Colts good field position to work with.

Week Twelve

Despite the Giants falling to Washington Redskins 20-14, Brad Wing had a great afternoon with the boot. He was called on to punt seven times, recording a total of 353 yards (50.4 AVG). Three traveled inside the 20, including his longest of the night, a booming 61-yarder.

Jordan Berry‘s Steelers also lost, falling to the Seattle Seahawks 39-30. Berry was called into action twice, producing a 43 yard punt and a 36 yard punt, one of which landed inside the 20.

Week Eleven

Both Jordan Berry‘s Steelers and Brad Wing‘s Giants had a bye week.

Week Ten

Jordan Berry played a minimal role in the Steelers’ big 30-9 win over the Cleveland Browns in the Steel City. Called upon to punt just once – in the first quarter – Berry launched a 42-yard punt to the Brown’s 23-yard line.

Brad Wing continued his inconsistent season, punting for a total of 164 yards from four attempts in the Giants’ heartbreaking 27-26 loss to the New England Patriots. His longest sailed 53 yards and just one of his four punts landed inside the 20.

Week Nine

Jordan Berry‘s Steelers had a thrilling 38-35 win over the much-improved Oakland Raiders, with Berry being called upon to punt on five occasions. Three of the five traveled inside the 20 and his total gain reached 208 yards, at an average of 41. His longest punt on the day was 51 yards.

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants also had a win in Week 9, beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32-18. Wing made just the one punt in the game, however it was a beauty – sailing 64 yards and pinning the Bucs back at their own 12-yard line.

Week Eight

After sitting out last week’s game, things got even worse for Jarryd Hayne when the week started with the news of him being cut from the 49ers roster. The decision caused a stir, with many Australians and Americans vocal in their disgust. However, there is no doubting that his performances weren’t as good as he would have liked. Just this morning (AEST), it became apparent the Hayne cleared waivers. He is likely to remain in San Francisco on the 49ers practise squad.

In other news, both Aussie punters were in action during Week Eight play, with Jordan Berry‘s Steelers losing 16-10 to the Cincinnati Bengals. Berry was called upon to punt six times with three landing inside the 20. His longest punt of the day, 46 yards, helped push his total gain to a modest 213 yards.

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants lost a high-scoring thriller to Drew Brees’ New Orleans Saints, 52-49 (Brees passed for an incredible 511 yards). Wing had a mixed outing, punting four times for a total of 212 yards, however just one landed inside the 20. This drew some heavy criticism from the Giants’ fans. His longest punt sailed 62 yards. To compound things, Wing was also penalized for a face mask tackle which allowed the Saints to get within field goal range with just five seconds remaining.

Week Seven

For the first time this season, just two of the three Aussies in the NFL were in action this week, after Jarryd Hayne was cut from the 49ers line up for their clash against the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers would go on to lose 20-3 as their season of misery continues. A recent poll (published by Fox Sports) suggests that 52% of fans believe Hayne will be cut from the roster by season’s end.

Jordan Berry had a quite day against the Kansas City Chiefs, as his Pittsburgh Steelers went down 23-13. Berry punted just twice, with the two attempts travelling 48 and 43 yards respectively, one of which sailing inside the 20.

Brad Wing punted five times for a total of 235 yards against the Dallas Cowboys, as the Giants won a close one 27-20. Win averaged 47 yards on the night, however just one of his punts landed within the 20 yard line, with his longest coming in at 53 yards.

Week Six

For the sixth consecutive week each of the three Australians in the NFL saw game time and like always, their performances were mixed. Jarryd Hayne had the worst game of his brief career against the Baltimore Ravens, despite his San Francisco 49ers winning 25-20. Hayne made three big mistakes – fumbling his only punt return (which was fortunately recovered by his own team), fielding a punt inside the 10-yard line (which is not advised) and failing to pick up blitzing linebacker Daryl Smith who strolled through to sack Colin Kaepernick. Hayne’s shortcomings are glaringly obvious and must be improved ASAP.

Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers had a solid 25-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals, with Berry being called upon to punt on five occasions. Just one of the five landed inside the 20, however he did have a 79-yard punt – the longest of his career. The jury is still out on Berry, who at times, lacks consistency. In total he yielded 238 yards on Sunday.

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants played on Monday night in front of a national audience, and quite simply, Wing’s performance was very poor. Called into action eight times, his punts yielded a total of 339 yards and just two of the eight reached inside the 20. He shanked a handful of attempts, including one which travelled just 27 yards. The Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-7.

Week Five

Once again all three Australians were in action this weekend and that started on Sunday when Jarryd Hayne‘s struggling San Francisco 49ers traveled east to take on Brad Wing and the New York Giants. It proved to be a close encounter however the Giants prevailed by just three points to leave Hayne and the 49ers with a 1-4 record on the season. Wing was called upon to punt on just two occasions, with his two attempts traveling 35 and 55 yards respectively. The 55-yarder sailed into the 20. Hayne’s game was also limited of opportunity, rushing twice for nine yards (eight and one) and returning just the one punt for a solid 16 yard gain.

Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers took on the San Diego Chargers on Monday night and Berry turned in the best game of his young career. He was called upon to punt on eight occasions, with six of his punts landing well within the 20 yard line. His total gain was 322 yards, with his longest punt travelling 56 yards. It was an impressive display from the young Aussie, helping the boys from the Steel City to a narrow 24-20 win.

Week Four

Week 4 of the season saw all three Aussies appear again, starting off with Jordan Berry on Thursday night. His Pittsburgh Steelers lost a thriller in overtime to the Baltimore Ravens, (23-20), after blowing a lead in the dying seconds of the game. Berry had a poor night, punting six times for a total of just 239 yards. His longest travelled 51 yards and just two of the six reached inside the 20. The 24-year-old was also required to lay a tackle on the night – the first of his young career.

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants took on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and recorded a comfortable 24-10 win. Wing had a busy game, punting on eight occasions for a total of 355 yards. His longest punts, 55 yards, was one of four which reached inside the 20. The eight punts were the most Wing has made in a game during his 20-game career and the 355 yards total beat his previous career high of 322 yards (seven punts) which came against the Browns on 12 October last year.

Jarryd Hayne‘s San Francisco 49ers returned home to face the might of the Green Bay Packers also on Sunday and for the 49ers, it was a m,iserable day, falling 17-3. Hayne had a tough game individually too, recording his second fumble of the season and managing a total of just 12 yards from three punt returns. In fairness though, the fumble was hardly a result of his wrongdoings, as teammate LJ McMcCray bumped into him whilst he tried to make the catch. The moment exemplified the tough season the 49ers are having. After the tough loss, most players refused to speak to the media, however Hayne – the humble rookie from Australia – did. I guess any exposure is good exposure, right?

Week Three

The three Australians in the NFL each saw game time again in Week 3 of the season.

Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers beat the St Louis Rams 12-6 in a low-scoring game, as Berry was called upon to punt four times. His combined distance was a solid 196 yards, with a longest of 57. Two of the punts entered into the 20-yard line.

Jarryd Hayne‘s San Francisco 49ers turned in an appalling performance against the Arizona Cardinals, however individually, Hayne had the best moment of his NFL career thus far. Trailing 28-0 late in the second, Hayne made a stunning 37-yard punt return which ultimately resulted in the 49ers’ first – and only – points of the game. The play earned Hayne huge kudos, with Fox Sports showing numerous highlights of his NRL career immediately afterwards. He wasn’t utilized after that as the 49ers fell 47-7.

Brad Wing‘s New York Giants won their first game of the season, beating the Washington Redskins 32-21. Wing punted four times for a total of 171 yards, with his longest travelling 45. Two of the punts reached inside the 20-yard line.

Week Two

The three Australians in the NFL each saw game time again in Week 2 of the season, however in most cases, it was minimal.

In the battle of two of the three, Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers were far too good for Jarryd Hayne‘s San Francisco 49ers, easily accounting for them 43-18 at home. Berry was called upon to make three punts and collectively, yielded 142 yards with his longest being 62 – a season high. Two of the three reached inside the 20-yard line. Hayne on the other hand was used very sparingly throughout the game and rushed for just three yards from his two carries. He also made the one punt return and ran for a total of seven yards.

For the second week in a row, Brad Wing‘s New York lead most of the game before blowing it late, falling to the Atlanta Falcons at home 24-20. Wing was required to punt on four occasions, three of which reached inside the 20. The total distance gained across the four punts was 164 yards, with his longest punt travelling 47.

Week One

Even though you’ll probably only see stories about one making the headlines, three Australians appeared in NFL games this past weekend.

In the season opener on Thursday night, Jordan Berry‘s Pittsburgh Steelers went down to the New England Patriots, 28-21. Making his NFL debut, Berry was called upon twice, punting for a total of 87 yards, with his longest being 50.

On Sunday, Brad Wing‘s New York Giants lead most of the game before ultimately falling to the Dallas Cowboys, 28-27. Now in his second season at the highest level, Wing made four punts for a total of 179 yards. His longest was 63, with three of the four punts reaching inside the 20-yard line.

On Monday night, the highly anticipated NFL debut of Jarryd Hayne arrived as Australia’s new favorite team, the San Fransisco 49ers, took on the Minnesota Vikings. Hayne entered the game with just over three minutes remaining in the first quarter and on his first play, muffed an attempted catch on the punt return to hand possession straight back to the Vikings. He missed out on a second punt return opportunity when Jeff Locke punted the ball out of bounds and his third effort was nullified as a result of a penalty. His offensive numbers were minimal, rushing for 13 yards (four carries) and receiving seven (one reception). The 49ers overcame a sluggish start to win 20-3.