Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

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Orioles Implode, Dugout Chaos Ensues

During a rebuilding season unlike any other ever seen before in Baltimore, and rarely seen in MLB history, frustrations were expected to boil over at some stage. Tonight though, as the Orioles suffered yet another embarrassing loss, they reached unprecedented levels.

For the 21st time this season, the Orioles pitching staff capitulated and allowed 10 or more runs, however the 14-2 loss to the Yankees, completing a miserable series sweep, wasn’t the main talking point.

Instead, the discussion focused on an ugly scene occurring within the Orioles’ dugout, which left Brandon Hyde walking away from a fired up Chris Davis who needed to be restrained before doing something he surely would have regretted.

Here’s the footage:

Davis and Hyde had initially exchanged words following the terribly out-of-form first baseman being lifted from the game for Jace Peterson. In the fourth year of a 7-year, $161M deal that just hasn’t worked out for either party, Davis’ struggles at the plate continue to plague him. He’s hitting just .182 on the season with a disastrous .589 OPS. This follows an even worse season in 2018, leading many to predict the Orioles will cut their losses and part ways with the slugger at season’s end.

Quizzed postgame as to what was said, Hyde refused to be drawn into the discussion further. Simply saying:

“It was just a disagreement in the dugout. I’m not going to get into what was said. We’re going to keep it in house. It was private.”

He later added:

“Me and Chris (Davis) have a good relationship. It’s something that will pass. We will get through it.”

Despite Hyde’s efforts to diffuse the situation in his postgame press conference, clearly things aren’t right. The rookie manager has been patient with Davis all season and has provided him with ample opportunities to turn his poor form around. However, Davis simply hasn’t, and quite frankly, it doesn’t look like he ever will. There appears to be no doubt the comments between the two were caused by mutual frustrations at Davis’ two-year form slump, as a long, frustrating, and miserable season clearly starts to take its toll.

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