The Baltimore Orioles arrived in the Bronx late last week beaten and battered by the reigning world champion Astros, yet today they leave with their heads held high, because they did what the media said they couldn’t – they beat the Yankees in their house three times in four days. The team that was supposed to be the second coming of “Murderer’s Row”. The team who’s bullpen was supposed to be the best in baseball. The team that they weren’t supposed to beat. Apparently Buck Showalter and the Orioles didn’t get that memo.

In this series, the Orioles showed signs of life and teamwork that quite frankly, we hadn’t seen since the 2016 season. Constantly battling on 0-2 counts to bring them full and get on base, constantly coming up with a clutch play in the outfield, and constantly picking each other up when a mistake was made. It was a pleasure to watch and something we’ve been wait too long to see.

┬áNow let’s get to the stats for today’s finale and the series in general. It really didn’t look good for the Orioles early on in the game. Mike Wright Jr. was only able to go 2/3 of an inning while giving up five runs. Honestly, at that point everyone thought the game was over, however it was then the Orioles started showing signs of life. First with an Anthony Santander RBI single, then a Tim Beckham RBI single the following inning. The whole momentum of the game shifted when Danny Valencia hit a two strike curveball over the left field fence to make it a 5-4 ball game.

Over the next two innings the Orioles and Yankees each traded a run. Fast forward to the seventh inning when Anthony Santander stepped up to the plate. One man on and Santander has a 3-0 count, and Buck gave him the green light. He proceeds to hit his first career home run over the right field wall. Sure we had to go to extras to finish it off and yeah Brad Brach is the modern day Don Stanhouse. For the people who don’t know Don Stanhouse, he was a relief pitcher for the Orioles in the 70’s. Earl Weaver used to call him full pack because he would go through a full pack of cigarettes when he watched him pitch. The point is the Orioles got it done and it seems they have gotten the monkey off of their back.

While the Orioles did manage to win this series against the Yankees, there are still some concerning areas for the Orioles. Mainly their batting average with runners in scoring position. On the season, they are an alarming 15-for-74 with RISP. On a lighter note, besides Mike Wright Jr.’s heinous outing, the pitching staff seems to have improved. In fact in the series with Yankees, the Orioles starting pitching staff posted a lower ERA than the Yankees. This series was very encouraging from the standpoint of a fan, because it lets us know that the Orioles are not the team that all these “analysts” said they were. They’re not just going to roll over and give up. They’re here to win a championship just like everyone else.