Adam Jones Proving Doubters Wrong

For reasons other than just what he’s achieved on the field, Adam Jones has always been – and remains – one of the Orioles most popular players.

Orioles Farm Update – Australian Wells Continues To Impress

Following the 2017 MLB Draft last month, the farms of all 30 MLB teams were ranked by numerous baseball writers around the nation, and in the case of the Baltimore Orioles, it came as no surprise they ranked towards the lower end of the scale.

Dominant Dodgers: The Team To Beat

The All-star Break hasn’t slowed down the best team in baseball, as the ¬†Dodgers continue to pull away from their NL West rivals, increasing their division lead to 9.5 games tonight with a 7-1 win over the Marlins.

All rise for the Judge

Regardless of the New York Yankees fortunes throughout the remainder of the 2017 MLB season, there’s no debating that the season is quickly becoming the season of 25-year-old Aaron Judge.

Orioles Mid-Season Review

In last Thursday’s piece (here), I outlined why the Orioles need to be sellers as the trade deadline approaches, with basically everyone not named Mancini, Schoop, Bundy, or Gausman at least being put forward for discussion.

Young Star Mancini Shining Brightest

On Sunday, the Orioles will reach the halfway mark of the 2017 MLB season, and it’s likely they’ll do so with a record below .500 – the first time this has occurred since 2011.

Sneak Peek – Dan Clark on 47abc (audio only)

Tonight at 7:00pm Eastern, I’ll join Hayley Milon on 47abc to talk about the Orioles, in particular focusing on the abysmal pitching throughout June, the 2017 MLB Draft, J.J. Hardy’s decline, and why the Orioles need to sell as the trade deadline approaches.

Social Media: A Fabricated Reality

Earlier this evening, as I do a few times each week, I sat down in front of my computer with a beer and some chocolate, ready to write about baseball.

2017 NBA Draft

The 2017 NBA Draft took place this morning (AEST) and the NBA teams were wheeling and dealing their way through 60 picks.

Making Sense of the Orioles Catastrophic Pitching

It’s no secret that the Orioles pitching staff entered the 2017 under scrutiny of the national media, with most suggesting the rotation would have a tough time keeping the team competitive, even despite its mashing offense.¬†